Glam the Dress

Wedding Dress Glamour

There is a myth that a wedding dress has to be worn only once. For many it is the most expensive dress they will ever purchase and it just sits away in a closet only occasionally being looked at. Worse yet some people destroy a beautiful memory. Don't Trash the Dress, Glam the dress. Bring a second life to this special part of your life by having it as one of your Portrait Session dresses. Wear it as is or try tea staining for a whole new look. You don't even have to wear your actual dress, we won't tell.

Glam portrait session with your wedding dress. It can be all about you or bring your significant other too. Eloping or wedding plans ruined by something out of your control. Come in for a session in your dress. Want to look like the model for a wedding dress add come on in.*

I am not a wedding photographer. I do not shoot weddings. This is a portrait session to give your dress a second life.

*This session is not for commercial use. If commercial shoot for dress is desired please inquiry about that specifically. Unauthorized commercial use of any images will involve legal action.