1795 Cortland Ct Unit C Addison IL 60101

Conveniently located to the North Ave Exit on I355. Our 2000 sqft studio made up of reception, office space, studio and two bathrooms. We have two makeup stations, a changing area and refreshments.

Rent Studio

Our studio is available for rent through Peerspace. If you are interested in renting out the studio, click the rent button below to go to rental listing.

Brian Gross Photo

Hand Painted Canvas Backdrops

Canvas backdrops are wonderful for adding texture, interest and a classic look to your portraits. These backdrops are all hand-painted making them a one of a kind addition to our studio.

Spanish Sand

6' x 9' canvas that is light in color. Simple and elegant this goes with almost anything. Great for airy photos.

Stonington Mountain

6' x 9' canvas the is a heavy texture medium grey. This drop demands attention and requires a subject who demands it back. Part of our Covid Collection.

Charcoal Horizon

7' x 15' canvas that is used from black background to dark textured grey. It adds mystery and emotion to your portraits and it's bigger size allows for extra room for experimentation.

Mediterranean Nova

6' x 9' canvas


6' x 9' canvas that is heavy in texture. Sometimes we accidentally find the ones we love. The plan for this canvas was entirely different, but by a random accident this wonderful design came out.

Blissful Pink

6' x 9' canvas

Coriander Whitetail

7' x 15' canvas

Renaissance Luxury

6' x 9' canvas

Manchester Parchment

6' x 9' canvas